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An english-speaking group for PHP developers in and around Amsterdam


Jan 18

Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP Schiphol, Amsterdam - Thursday, Jan. 18 19:00

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Monthly Meeting - January/2018

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Talk details ---- Moving from legacy to event-driven with Kafka by Jeroen van der Gullik One of the biggest problems when dealing with legacy is any change to the software might break the old system. Refactoring is usually slow and dangerous. In this talk I will discuss how we successful migrated a...
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Geeks, Games & Drinks

January 12 - 19:00

27 PHPers |
Andy Vb Bas de Ruiter Clara Corentin Haton David Yun Dennis de Greef Emiel Dijkman Erwin Frank Schouwstra Freya Buchanan Jose Belisario Vacca Juliette Reinders Folmer Krasimir Georgiev Mijken Pascal de Vink Rafael Dohms
Every two months we get to take our informal drinks and chat night and make it a Board Game extravaganza. These meetups are great nights to come and meet new people and make new connections. The backroom gives us all the space we need to play games and to just sit down and have a nice cold beer. It...
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Monthly Meeting - December/2017

December 21 - 19:00

77 PHPers |
dan Daniel Lima Dos Anjos Pinheiro Darko Stoilov Dennis de Greef Ekes Erwin Fangning Chen Frank Koornstra H Treize Henrique Moody Herant hugo jan ifrik Igor Budasov Jeroen Groeneweg Jeroen Vd Gulik
Christmas is right around the corner, but first we'll be about elves... uhhh, microservices. To keep the Christmas spirit alive though, we ask you to wear the ugliest, most cheesy Christmas sweater (or shirt) you have. Of course, that sight will be immortalised on photo. Talk: Aiming for Auton...
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