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An english-speaking group for PHP developers in and around Amsterdam


May 16

TBA, Amsterdam - Thursday, May. 16 19:00

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Previous meetings

Monthly Meeting - April/2019

April 18 - 19:00

47 PHPers |
Alexandru Postolache Anna Ntagiou Arto Rozenga Bart Brinkman Bas Kamer Bengisu ┼×ahin Bruno Neves Menezes Catherine Tsokur Cees-Jan Kiewiet Claudio Dekker Conor Wyse Daan van den Berg Daniel Lima dos Anjos Pinheiro Derk Ruitenbeek
After the roaring success of the first edition, we are doing a second Open Fishbowl discussion (more info: The main idea here is to offer a chance for everybody to ask questions and share knowledge. This month's topic will be: PHP on K8s and Docker Schedule: 19:00 -...
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Monthly Meeting - March/2019

March 21 - 19:00

81 PHPers |
Ali Ben Zarrouk Andre Moens anee singh Anna Ntagiou Ante Aryel Tupinambá Asare Worae Barsha Thakuri Bart Brinkman Bas de Ruiter Bernardo Alves Bruno Neves Menezes Bryan Sam Meulmeester Catherine Tsokur
IMPORTANT NOTE: security will be very tight at Messagebird, and you will only be allowed entrance if you are on the list with your OFFICIAL NAME and BRING ANY FORM OF IDENTIFICATION (driver's license, passport, etc). If you don't, you will NOT be allowed in! So don't forget to make su...
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