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An english-speaking group for PHP developers in and around Amsterdam


Jun 29

Europaplein, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands, Amsterdam - Thursday, Jun. 29 18:00

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DPC Codenight 2017

Grand Café, RAI Amsterdam

This year DPC and AmsterdamPHP will join force again to host another CodeNight! Come join a night of fun, coding and interacting: this is not just a hackathon, its a space to come contribute to open source projects, debate and create new project but also interact, learn and get to know developers a...
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Previous meetings

Monthly Meeting - June/2017: 5 year anniversary!

June 15 - 19:00

77 PHPers |
Matthew Max Nedelcu MaxR Michiel Gerritsen Mikaël Labrut Mike Chernev Mike Wong Mina Nabil Sami Mitchell Smith MTijn Nathalia Giusti Nico Noa Patri Rafael Dohms Rafael Lyra
19:00 - Doors open 19:15 - Talk 20:15 - Anniversary Bonanza! 5 years! To celebrate this amazing yet meaningless milestone of an arbitrary hardcoded number of years, we are having a bonanza! AmsterdamPHP is teaming up with some of its sponsors an preparing a special event with celebration, prizes...
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Monthly Meeting - May/2017

May 18 - 19:00

81 PHPers |
Orestis Palampougioukis paolo Pascal de Vink Pedro Magalhães Pim van Gurp Rafael Dohms Rafael Lyra Renato Mendes Figueiredo Rob Robert van der Mast Robin Speekenbrink Rodrigo Prestes Roxana Cristian Ruben Ryan Kes Sacha de Rosner
19:00 - Doors open 19:30 - Talk 20:30 - Raffles, and announcements 20:45 - Social, drinks and Pizza Talk: Cutting Back Processing Time Processing more than one task simultaneously saves a lot of time, but a lot of challenge and complexity comes along with this approach. This talk will clarify the...
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